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The field of oncology is growing at a breakneck speed. Cell therapy, targeted small molecules, immuno-oncology etc have evolved in recent years and have resulted in changing the patient outcomes radically. It is not only the treatment modalities but advanced diagnostics, patient management approaches, access to quality care besides enhancement in healthcare infrastructure have all contributed to making various malignancies as treatable disorders.

Dr Shaheenah Dawood
Dr Shaheenah Dawood

Medical Oncologist
Professor of Clinical Oncology



Webinars & Virtual Oncology Congresses

Check out the forthcoming webinars on diverse topics in Oncology. Pencil in the dates on your calendar. In case you miss them due to your busy schedule don’t worry we have them archived here for your viewing pleasure in spare time.


Biomarkers & Precision Oncology & International BRCA Forum

Biomarkers & Precision Oncology Forum (BPOF) 2023 in tandem with the 7th International BRCA Forum (iBRCAf) 2023 will present the latest research data and emerging trends aimed towards personalized therapies in Cancer Care. The aim is to help and educate community oncologists and related healthcare practitioners use Precision Medicine to help them identify people who might be at high risk for cancer, and help patients choose the best care available.

Asia Pacific Gastroenterology Cancer Summit (APGCS)

Scheduled to be held in August 2023. In association with Singapore Society of Oncology this marquee annual event will focus on everything in GI cancers with special emphasis on Hepatobiliary cancer and gastric cancer which are more prevalent in Asia. For full agenda please refer to the site.

Excellence In Oncology Care (EIOC)

6th – 8th October 2023. A forum to discuss and share a holistic approach to care in 14 sub therapies in Oncology besides covering diverse areas like Immuno-oncology, Biosimilar, Cancer Nutrition, Breast Surgical Oncology to suggest a few. Catch them all live here. For full agenda please refer to the site.

Asia Pacific Breast Cancer Summit (APBCS)

From 4 – 6 May  2023,  The 11th Asia Pacific Breast Cancer Summit Singapore strives to bring forth the latest in breast cancer care and research. Catch the enriching experience live here. For full agenda please refer to the site.

Cases and Discussion board

Exchange views with peers , seek suggestions from opinions leaders and gain perspective from one of the best minds in oncology care. The forum is meant to provide a dynamic and engaging platform for all the clinicians as a part of online community building drive. A vibrant clinician community interacting and enriching each other on this website with their experience, knowledge and acumen. Discussion boards allow anybody and everybody to initiate a dialogue. Its that simple and so are the rules of posting.

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