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The field of oncology is growing at a breakneck speed. Cell therapy, targeted small molecules, immuno-oncology, etc have evolved in recent years and have resulted in changing the patient outcomes radically. It is not only the treatment modalities but advanced diagnostics, patient management approaches, access to quality care besides enhancement in healthcare infrastructure have all contributed to making various malignancies as treatable disorders.

If we look at the population of people residing in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa that sums up almost 6/8th of humanity on our planet. The diversity of patient profile, malignancy types, their presentation, and management approaches differ drastically in these countries based on the GDP and the scale of economic development. This led us to create this virtual platform that intends to be a forum for knowledge exchange and eventually goes on to help in maximizing patient care.

Besides making available cutting-edge information from the world of latest in oncology we also want this platform to be a forum that fosters exchanging views and interactivity within the clinician community. Our overarching vision is to morph this website into a dynamic forum where the oncologist tribe co-creates, crowdsources opinion, and shares individual insights for the benefit of clinicians and most important patients.

News & Updates, Online lectures, live webinars, conferences will be regular features. However, the open forum, case-based discussions, sharing opinion through discussion boards shall make this forum livelier and engaging. Therefore, as a publisher of the website, I would urge all the fellow oncologists to actively participate on the website and post your complicated cases (while upholding patient privacy) to discuss debate and share opinions for everyone’s benefit. Your suggestions, comments and constructive criticism are most welcome to help us improve this forum on a continuous basis.

Warm regards

Dr Shaheenah Dawood

The publisher

Dr Shaheenah Dawood is a Consultant Medical Oncologist and Professor in Clinical Oncology in the United Arab Emirates. She was trained in medical oncology at McGill University Hospitals in Canada and subspecialized in breast cancer management at MD Anderson Cancer Center. During her training, she was awarded multiple scholar training awards besides ASCO merit awards. Dr Shaheenah has served as an editorial fellow at the New England Journal of Medicine and has an MPH from the Harvard School of Public Health. She has over 100 papers to her credit including 50 peer review original articles, 30 review articles, and 12 book chapters.

Having served as a reviewer for multiple journals including the Journal of Clinical Oncology she is currently leading the oncology clinical trials program at Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai. She also serves as President of Excellence in Oncology Care (EIOC) annual congress held in Dubai and is Co-Chair of the Asia Pacific Breast Cancer Summit (APBCS),  Asia Pacific Gastrointestinal Cancer Summit (APGCS) ,the international BRCA forum (iBRCAf) and Young Women Forum (YWF) from over a decade.

Dr Shaheenah Dawood

Dr Shaheenah Dawood